Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Water In The Face

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Yesterday I was having a discussion with a freind and some of the things she said made me realize a few things. In discussion I had this week a good freind of mine who I have greate deal of respect for, looked at me and said I was an Idiot, at the time I thought that it was kind of a harsh statement, but after last nights discussion I realize what he was try to say to me. Have you ever had 'cold water' thrown in you face where out of the blue people who are close to all of a sudden decide its time to let you know You have been Ass (a total ass). Not a kool feeling. I have spent a good portion of last night and this morning thinking about this, (here is where I need a private blog, no need to reveal all of my issues for the world to see, boring stuff any way.) and I realize that this requires me to rethink how I approach dealing with people. This time last year I would have said that the Typical "Quarter Life Crisis" stuff didn't apply to me, I mean I had good freinds, I more or less knew what i wanted to do with my life, and I had long since known that my current proffession was the right one for me, but like I said that was almost a year ago. In the pass 4 months things have gotten kinda 'topsi turvy' and I realize that I have dealt with the situation probabley in not the best of ways. It brings me bak to the eternal Question that I thought I had left behind when I was trying to decide what I was going to do in University: "Who Am I". Now of course taht was directly in relation to my Carrier, this time the Who am I Q is different, it is actually "Who Am I To My Freinds and Family" or rather, Who Do I want to be? Tuff Q, and to be honest I miss the days when things weren't this complicated and life was simpler...... oh wait......That has never been the case if its not one thing its another, I guess the day I no longer have anything like this to work on I would have acheived perfection :D.
I any case, the current game plan is to get my spiritual life bak on track (have to admit its not been very progressive for the pass 6 yrs), and I hope that that will help me to put things a in perspective and give me the correct course of action.

Here endeth the reading of The Seekers Personal Chronicle.


Bashmentbasses said...

Be happy it was just idiot you were called. Ive been called alot worse.

As you can see from my blog (and I don't put 1/2 the details of my life on it) I've been through quite a bit of stuff. I did a personality test which confirmed something I always suspected. I do what makes sense to me at the time. I tend to think about things and weigh the consequences and if I think they are acceptable risks then I go for it. I also look at things thta we are told to do and if I don't think it makes sense I don't do it. All this balanced with trying to avoid aggravation to myself.

My spiritual life began to be dictated by my own thoughts and it suffered and so I suffered. I'm on my way back thanx toi God's eternal love and mercy. I still battle with many things and ppl. It's a wonderful decision to make.


D said...

Sometimes some water in the face can really wake you up and open your eyes, leaving you a bit more refreshed. And the colder the water the better.

bassChocolate said...

I've learned that, just as you said, other people and especially friends are better judges of who you are than you yourself. Ask them more often. And if all fails, prayer does wonders.