Monday, April 18, 2005

Me and My Job

Greetings (No! no spell check right ere rasta).

This week sees the start of 3 major projects simultaneously, can I tell you, not pretty. Added to the fact that I have resposibities for Pan Lyme which is just around the corner I'm beginning to feel a bit stressed. The difference is however, as stressed as I am, I feel guilty complaining about it. Why? Simple because I am having fun, Dont know how to explain it. There are times I want to tear my hair out, but I know I would feel worse if I had nothing to. I enjoy the added responsibilty.
To show you how bad it is, there was a 4th project that came up Friday, and I was asking my boss if I was gonna be assigned to it, and he said no cause my plate was full. Would you believe I actually felt Dissapointed :S (I'm Loosing it). Now dont get me wrong I am not a workaholic and I'me as Lazy as the next Guy, I only do stuff I feel like doing or have vibes to do, as it turns out I love my job and I love pan, so I usually have vibes to do stuff for both. Lucky me :D.
As with anything there is a down side. With this excess work load My reliability has fallen, simpley put, if it has nothing to do with Pna Or work, it may get left behind :S. I have had to be doing alot of apologizing the last couople of days. To remedy this I figure I'll just not make any commitments I dont have to. This aproach might not go down well with some but, its Iether I tell u I cant do it, Or a say i can and it never gets done. I like the former better. Any way, enough of this talk. I gotto to get bak to work so see you guys later.

Adios Amigos!


Bashmentbasses said...

I on the other hand have many things I ought to be doing but haven't started to address them. I keep adding things by agreeing to do more and more with the hope that I will reach the threshold of madness and then I'll jump into action and problem solve which is what I do best. But right now I feel lazy and am happy for the break. Hard work is coming up for the rest of my life. As a matter of fact I've had hard work most of my life. I've also played hard so I can't complain. All in all I am blessed and as soon as I stir to action I'll stop being cursed.

Anonymous said...

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