Thursday, April 21, 2005

Idle Chatter

(u godda spell properly I dont Godda :P)

This blog is strickly to help me stay awake, and as such it is purly really Idle chatter.

Topic Number 1: Yesterdays Discussion

Yesterday while doing my laundry I met upon this freind of mine who has been terminally single. He is a cool guy but there are times when I wonder if he is totally collected upstairs, and He appairs too pre-occupide with the term "Adam and Eve". Alot of my female freinds who know him avoid him, especially at sessions, he gets too intense at times :S. In any case He asked me 'how the Women were'(ie how was my personal Life), I told him Right now I livin the life of a monk, at which he replied "Me too", thinking he had found a kindred spirit. He then went on to discuss how God has a woman in store for every man to which I replied that some men are meant to be alone (I was in that frame of mind, and I was refering to myself not him). At which point he went of in a tirade trying to council me based of hs assumptions were as to the reason for my statement, Me reply was that Jesus pulled it off quite well, at which point he surprised me. Apparantly he is of the belief that Jesus was haveing a grand Time with Mary magnelene (or however her name is spelled), this made no sense to me as I thought he was pretty orthodox as christians go, if not just a little to pre-occupied with the opposite sex. I pointed out to him that I doubted that Jesus would have done anything of the sort without being married, to which his reply was "that begs the Question what is marriage". HA! so here is this orthodox guy who clearly had some not so orthodox views, I mean, I'm a bit onorthodox myself but this guy is really pushing the envelope. Mind You I'me not knocking His beliefs (or rather what I see as his self justifications) i would not, but the whole sex before maraigge thing is so ingraind in christian teachings that it is hard to see someone believing otherwise without haveing some concrete grounding to base his theory on. And believe me after a few more minutes of arguing I realized he had none. Another intresting topic of mine is Male female interactions, But My meeting is about to start so I'll chat later. See Ya!!!

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