Tuesday, April 26, 2005

HBO Special

(we bun a spel chek)

Greetings and salutations.
Last night I left work @ 11:45 and stayed up ontil 2am watch one of the best HBO specials I have ever seen. Whoopi Golberg's stand up comedy was hillarious, insiteful, life changeing, and made me think. I believe that every one should watch this show, it not like the others where you end up laughing so much you miss any message the speaker has, no, this performance had me rolling and thinking at the same time, Quite a feet. She challanged Me as an induvidual to think for myself, not to accept everything that is handed down to me. She challenged me to think, and re-evaluate the way in which i Interacted with others around me. She made me ashamed of myself when I treated other people in ways I shouldn't, yet she challenged me to change. She opend my eyes to women, help me to think in different ways, she showed me some of the challanges women face in various stages in their life, things I knew about, but never really knew about, If you know what I mean. She told of her stuggles with "Change" and kinda helped me to think about it differently, and hopefully I'll be able to deal with it. She told us of her moment of weekness and how she survived, not by some great mniracle that happens in movies, but by just livin. Her Story is not a "happily ever after" story, nor is it a depressing one, but one of regular person like u or me.
Mind in all this I was Laughing my head off, how she pulled that of I don't know.
But at the end of this show I had give Whoopi (However her name is spelt :P) Her props, it was `a show for the ages.

Gots to run posting again later. See Ya


bassChocolate said...

I saw the special and I definitely share the sentiment. It was original and thought-provoking.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »