Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bad Mood

Have you ever been in one of those mood\s where you just want to say “---- the world don’t ask me for ---- but you know that you have to be careful because that attitude would push your closest friends away. Added to that, you can’t really say anything because that will only make them feel they need to cheer you up and you really are not in the mood.
It is extremely hard to keep a cheerful face to protect the people you love the most from the nasty mood that wants nothing more than to tell them to .......
The worst part is you know this mood wont last for more than 24 hrs at most and as such these 24 hrs get extremely dragged out, as you fight to control you words and hope you wont say anything to irrevocably damage your relationships.

Having said all this, as you can tell I was in such a mood the other day, But what struck me was the fact that if the shoe was on the other foot, I too would want to ‘cheer’ up any friend that is really depressed. I too have that nasty habit of just hanging around when they probably just want to be left alone.

The difficulty really lies in determining when to just leave well alone and when not to. There are those who make no bones about telling people to just go away
But for most of my friends I often ignore such statements depending on how serious I deem them to be….. hmmmmm

Have to run, much to be considered here though


D said...

If they're true friends they'll realize youre in a bad mood and forgive you. But if youre in a situation where you feel like telling ppl to f!@k off then maybe you shouldnt be around ppl.

Mummy Mel` said...

LOL, Actually letting out steam in front of your friends is a good way to get people to back off quickly plus show you at a glance which friends can handle certain kinds of pressure. Not to say that it will separate the real friends from the fake ones, cause people just react differently on certain circumstances. But at least now they can have a better understanding of your personality...isn't that what a good friend always strives for :-D?

Bashmentbasses said...

MM no mean u no good! Some good friends can still get hurt upon impact. They will forgive but...... unnecessary hurt?...... Stay away from ppl when in that mood!

A true she feel seh yu won't really blow like Vesuvius! But suppose you get mad to rrrrreggae!!?

Anonymous said...

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