Saturday, July 09, 2005

My Favorite Soap opera (cnt'd)

This blog is a continuation from a blog I wrote on Two TV Shows That I love dearly.

After watching some re-runs of star Treck last night, I have finally decided to declare it officially My favourite TV show of all times, and that is a major feat.
For those of you questioning the name of this blog, in a previous blog on this show, I mentioned that a freind of mind from high school hated it because to him it was just a soap opera of ethics, I cannot blame him really, I suspect he finds "Sienfeld" riveting.
But enough of that, this blog seeks to speak of the Borg. Like I said, the Star Trek universe is an imperfect perfection, a very realistic look at what an ideal society would look like and how it would work. Now, all episodes dealling with the Borg, to me, are the amongst the best ever produced by the Star Trek writers, they allowed us to see a part Picard that is not allways visible. They showed us his weakness and his faults; we stood with him as he tried to overcome these, to fight the demons within and without, and we fealt his pain as he camne close to looseing all that was dear to him. In the end, though, he triumphed, and the Federation lived on, but not before the Irony that was the Borg was fully explored.
What is this Irony u ask, well, let me begin by reminding you that the Star Trek world, or rather, The federation represents a form of perfectly united society, one in which every one is soppose to be happy, where there is no war, no strife, no crime, no poverty, no essential need unsatisfied. But like i said this perfectction is imperfect, simply because there were always a differences in opinions, there is always a someone or a situation that led to conflict. What the Borg showed us, is that this was simply due the blessing/curse of induviduallity. Here I smile. What the writers were trying to tell us, is that for any society to become Utopic, each individual has to sacrifice his, hers, or it's induviduality for the sake of the greater good. The Borg Illustrated this best as the hive represented a 'Collective Conciousness' where the each induvidual's thoughts contibuted to the the entity that was Borg, the price was, of course, that you had no control of that conciousness, u were but a drop of water in a sea, u contributed but you could not go against the tide.
Now there are those who would have willingly accepted this form of Utopic existance, but the borg aggressivly imposed its beliefs on others, simply because that is the nature of beliefs. If you look at it, u begin to realize that the borg are not that much diff from the Federation in turms of goals, its their methods that differed.
The federation explored and sought out new worlds, in a hope to make them freinds and have them become apart of the federation, what is left unsaid is the fact that to be apart of the federation u have to follow the rules and guidlines that Govern that group, likwise the Borg. What is obvious, is the fact that the federation and the borg were bound to meet and fight. why? because they believed in the same things but took different paths and as a reslt they end up coming from opposing ends towards the same goal.
And That my freinds is the Irony that is the Borg. I could go on and on but, I have run out of time and u prob tiered of reading this now, so till next time....."Live Long & Prosper".


Thinkbass said...

yup always loved Star Trek. thought it couldn't get better - then I saw a Borg episode. Ahh.

I was just getting comfy to read about the Borg at length - never too much to say on them.

Bashmentbasses said...

One can never exhaust a discussion on the Borg. Shame on you!

Anyway, the Federation asked nicely and hoped to convince you, using politics and the lure of bartering technology among other things. The Borg told you that "resistance is futile" and simply assimilated you. What else than that you want? Cut out the crap of endless waiting for ppl to make up their minds and all that. Assimilate and no complaints. Your screams lost with all the others and now you have a purpose without personal doubts.

That would be the Utopia.