Monday, May 09, 2005

The Return Of AMD

(sequel To 'Intel Strikes Back')

Heads Up Guys, I am using Mail-To-Blog so many of you will be pleased to hear that I will be using spell check. So if anything slips through blame Yahoo.

This morning I was reading about AMD's new Dual core processors. For those of you who don't know, its a new kind of Processor (a processor is the name that we give to a special chip in the computer called the CPU, Its what Dell is talking about when the say "Intel Pentium 4 inside"). Basically A dual core processor is 2 processors on 1 chip. Now Intel, after having to scramble when AMD released their 64 bit chip before they were even remotely ready, decided to go the route of optimizing their now outdated technology . They came with fake 64 it processors (they seem to operate like 64's but they aren't), and they came out with HT (Hyper Threading). The prob with HT is that most computers at home wont be stressed out enough for it to be a major factor, so don't worry about what it is. Seeing that the industry was still not very impressed, they announced that they will be coming out with "DUAL CORE PROCESSORS" (Dramatic Musical insert here) .
Wow! even I was impressed , and once again I feared for AMD's new found lead in the market.
Not to be outdone however,the great geniuses at AMD's labs (Who operate on a ridiculously smaller budget. Top make it clearer,Intel's research & Development Dept. budget is equivalent to AMD's profit for the year. Ya, a real David and Goliath scenario) announced their Dual core processors (POM POM POM!!!!), but Wait! not only that, they were going on the 64bit processors .
Ha!!!! can you imagine how depressed the Intel guys felt. Needless to say sometime last week benchmark tests were done and, as expected AMD TRASHED Intel in every, thats right, you heard me, EVERY benchmark, hehehe, GO AMD!!!
Unfortunately I will not be able to afford that processor for another 3 yrs as its starting cost is (Drum Roll) $1000us . Yes its the same cost as a high end computer or laptop. But still I love it when the David wins

Any way got work to do so see you guys later.

Quote Of the day: "Wizards 2nd Rule: Passion Rules Reason"


Bashmentbasses said...

Ok, your spelling is much better but.... the smiley's are only coming out in code. You'll have to write them out or put spaces between them when posting.

AMD has always been my favourite for the same reason. I go for the underdog. I never really liked Cyrix because although an underdog they never seemed to be able to get their act together. Couple other companies were in the mix back in the 166-550MHz days but they never had the tenacity spured on by sales to make it.

I can't really call Apple McIntosh an underdog anymore but I loved them too. Still do. Just can't afford them. They stuck it out got Steve Jobs and their products are superb now.

When I grow up I want a Mac and a high end PC and peripherals and coonectivity and .......

The Seeker said...

Can you see them now?
I didn't mention Apples cause I didnt want to Get Keiran Started, I get the impression he thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread, but the days of significant performance diff. are over. They are good, but I dont fancy myself getting one, too many compatabilty issues.

Keiran said...

Chrmm (clearing throat to begin extolling the beauty and grace of Apple computers, laptops and countertops)...

Okay, so I won't bother. But I am always intrigued by the processor wars. Since I got my Mac I have stopped following it (don't know why). But now I'm gonna have to read up on AMD kicking Intel's butt. To tell you the truth, I don't care who has the best chip as long as there is a competition to drive advances and lower prices. And I was not aware of the difference in size of the two companies (gonna check it out so I hope yu have yu facts straight). And sliced bread is good, but Macs are the melted cheese. Get it? Mac and cheese? Anyone? No one? Not even a smirk? Aw fiddlesticks.

Anonymous said...

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