Friday, May 06, 2005


The Winner Of The BashmentBase Award for "Massacring the English Language".

This post deals with a trend I am seeing in pan lately.
Le-Ann rtecently posted about De-motivation and while replying I realized that there was so much to say I might as post it on my own blog.

It saddens me to see the fall of in the enthusiasm in pan. When I first came bak from Mobay very few had any vibes whatsoever, it hit another alltime low again right after Trinidad.
Right Now Alot of people are re-evaluating their priorities, It saddens me cause it means alot of good people may go and at the same time I understand, nobody's life is stagnant, I went through a similar thing when I decided to leave the Debating Society for pan so I see they are coming from. And to be honest in the months leading up to the last concert I was ready to move bak to mobay, I mean I would miss pan, but I thought it was time to move on. But on the last day of that last performance, it was such a thrill that I refound the passion I had for pan. The Next 6 months were painfull for me, I was stuck in mobay, I heard through the grapevine of the happenings in pan, and I was itching to com bak and be apart of it. You could not imagine my joy when I found out that JPS was going to post me bak in Kingston. And since then, I have thrown myself whole heartedly into pan (maybe not in the ways I should, Im not perfect). Some One once asked me when do I see myself leaving pan, and to be honest, I dont, Panoridim is apart of me. Because of this I am really saddened when people begin to loose the fever :S, but I understand. The face of panoridim is changing and I dont know what we are gonna look like in 5 years, and maybe by then I will decide that it is time to move on, we'll see. But To those who are thinking time is up and are re-evaluating your life, do not be afraid to try something different, to branch out into other things, If I didn't do that I would never have joined pan :). When its time, its just time.
I must make mention of a trend I have noticed and am now experienceing. When I first Joined pan Natalie, while cussing someone, made a comment "Some people have the luxury of just coming to pan and play". Believe me, I didn't appreciate it then but I see the light now, I kinda miss those days, but I am commited to pan and I will do anything I can. Honestly though, It takes alot of anergy sometimes. I made a comment to a freind that a sure way to kill vibes for pan is to join the exec :S. It isn't that bad and if you working with a cool group of people, like I do, then its pretty cool, but every once in a while I would miss being able to say, "Dont ask me".
Dont get me wrong I dont mind my stint as VC, and it is very important learning experiebnce for me, and I am glad I was given the chance.

Oops look at the time, I have a 10am Deadline have to run may continue later.
But like B says; Follow your Heart

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