Monday, May 16, 2005

Lyme Thoughts

I'm pressed for time so I cant bother to use spell check :P.

This year was my 4th lyme and the first time I have ever been on its commitee, and believe it was a learning experience and quite stressful at times, Cant say I did a good job, or that it was pulled without a hitch, but all in all we survived the weekend. Here I have to stop and Repeat My big up (Big up posted on Pan Forum)to The real planners of this Lyme, the Guys who really Put this show together; Le Anne and Aleiya. Believe me guys the real creativity and Sweat pured into this Lyme came from them.
Le-Anne, often accused of being Crazy (She is by the way) , Is crazy for a reason, she comes up with some really cool Ideas and concepts, usually along a certain theme but I wont elaborate, what has me forever endebted to her however is her ability to pick up on the little details. For someone who is one of the most forgetfull persons you'll ever meet, she sure knows how to deal with the loose ends. Believe I spent half the time shaking my head and saying that she was usefull to have around :D.
Aleiya,the cool, calm, collected, sarcastic and sharp Member of the team. The real Leader, the one who knew what to do at all times, Believe me if she wasn't there It would have fallen flat on its face long time. I am particularly greatful for working with her because, despite what she shows, deep down, deeep deeeep deeep deeep deeeep down She is a really sweet person :D (there I have ruined her rep, If I disssapear in the next 24 hrs tell the police to search
her back yard)
It was fun working with her. Her mind is maze of intresting twists and turns that spawn some of the most amazing Ideas ever produced by a human Being, Believe me guys, shes on another level.
In any case this lyme was pretty layed back with very few activities being done and still, There were points I wanted to scream (not at the beach guys, for those of u who thought something was wrong then). And you know the worst part is, I definately cant wait till next year to do it all over again :D. Believe me looking bak I saw where I want wrong and I cant wait to jump bak in to do all again, but right this time. Don't bother to say anything Hayden, the 'vision' is still with us.
This blog was not meant to talk about the Highlights of the Lyme, I'll leave that to the other bloggers. However I had to anounce the winners of the choice awards.

Mister GQ by overwhellming majority MB

Vogue Lady of the Year also By Majority Kim

Congenialty, by majority agian, was Katherine

The Ever Miserable award went to Deborah C

and Most unfairly and unjustly, by a cruelly wide margin the award for Suss Master went to Yours Truly. I must say in my defence I am just Missunderstood and that Bianca, Hayden, Aleiya, Kelly and Deborah C are far worse than I am. any way it late so I'll finish some other time till then, See ya.


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laroper83 said...

ahm...when will u wake up and smell th rain! You are NOT just are the way people say you are!!!! You are quite deserving of the award.

Anyways, it was fun working with u and Aleiya. And, in my defense, I am crazy by choice!

Aleiya said...

Why, Mark, such kind and thoughtful words about me! Looks like you are deserving of another head rub. See you Thursday.

Bashmentbasses said...

Which head is being rubbed here? I was not privy to such treats being turned for lyme committee members. Makes me wonder why the same ppl keep going back.

Great job you guys. I could complain but I had a great time (because my team won and we won the treasure hunt and that's what's important).

Aleiya was on-board so I know we were in good hands. It was the right mix of many things, including conflict, to allow you to appreciate the good things.


bassChocolate said...

Head rubbing... hmmm....

Mark, these days you live for suss, it's about time you hit yourself in the (upper) head and accept it!

And that treasure hunt stunk! Damn that Da Vinci! :-)

The Seeker said...

Ur so bitter Adrian

The Seeker said...

Ur so bitter Adrian

Aleiya said...

I will only say this about the head rub: I am available by appointments only. Nuff said.

Bashmentbasses said...

Saturday's after pan good for you Aleiya honey?

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