Monday, September 22, 2008

Tunnel Vision

To be a leader in almost any setting creates a need for the individual in such a post to have an idea of the 'bigger picture', at least as big as his/her portfolio requires. As such, those who report to the leader have the luxury of having 'tunnel vision'. Focus and fight for that which falls under your domain, let the leader deal with the others.

I have often thought that i was an exception. Whenever on a committee i often tried to see the 'big picture' and adjust my demands as a result. Many times i have watched my fellow workers/committee members stubbornly demand more from the leader in a situation that, at least to me, was not possible. Could they not see that there was only so much resources to go around for all of us?

It occurred to me today however that people are not retarded or simply recalcitrant... Taking a Quote from Orson Scott Card: "Never assume your enemy is stupid". They too can see the scarcity of resources.. but the allocation of it is the job of the leader.... it is their job to get whats best for their portfolio.
In light of this, is it i who am being hebetudinous for not being bull headed? Is it the way the world works... to turn a blind eye to anything beyond you scope of responsibility?

I think not, I think My method is correct to a point... the next step, that i have yet to take, is to use the big picture to my advantage... a bit of situational manipulation if you will.

So here's to learning about about humans, their nature and the modes in which they operate... May i learn to better integrate and a thrive in their midst.

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