Monday, October 06, 2008

Emotional slave

I know i have blogged about this before... (Slave to Our Emotions)... but ever since then I have been paying more attention to how the humans around me (as well as myself) behave...

The extent of or emotional handicap is more profound than i originally  thought. For a long time I believed that we were better than the other animals on the planet because of our ability to override our more basic primal instincts with logic... but the more i observe the more I realize that we do not...

Our emotional composition is complex, and we often override emotional responses with other emotions rather than a sense of logic.... In light of this it becomes clear that we are Driven by the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies Just like any other Dog, Crab, Fish, Spider, or Caterpillar.
Our greater brain capacity only allows us to do more interesting things with our more primal urges... even manipulate them a bit.

With this in mind the next question is; what is the next step in human evolution/enlightenment?

Is the final state of true sentience true 'emotionlessness'.... or are we doomed to forever persue the peace of irrevocable logic.. (as the Vulcans seem to persue)

I get the distinct feeling that 1000 years from now our decendants will think of us as no better than apes.. not very smart and very driven by or hormonal glands. It is very possible that "humans" of the future will have complete control of these reactions.. experiencing Joy, Love, Desire, Peace only when they choose to and regulating Hate, Envy and Greed to more constructive and manageable levels...

Oh how i envy them.

I have to stop here But I will continue trhis post at a later date.. looking at why todays society does not allow us to try to expand the use of our brains beyond the confining 10%

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