Monday, September 11, 2006

Time To Go Old Boy

So it is the End of days for Tony Blair’s rain and it seems the British ppl, or at least the ones in his own party, cant wait to see the back of him.

My view on this whole situation is that it is a classic case of ;
‘bad people happening to good individuals’.

The fact of the matter is Britain and the US are allies and during Clinton’s presidency Blair and Clinton Forged a very strong relationship between the two countries. Together moving and shaking the world in as a positive way as they saw. Their partnership at all times appeared as two good friends who lead two of the most powerful nations in the world.
Between them, and their allies things were more or less ok. When the ppl of Florida decided to scre… err… let me rephrase that.

When the ‘American people’ elected Bush to power,
quite naturally Blair sought to continue this close relationship. Not too bad an idea at the time even in spite of Bush’s seeming problem with speaking coherently over a period of time. However after 9/11 everything changed. The war in Afghanistan was not too bad a call to support. However, after that the nature of the relationship changed. All of a sudden Bush broke off on a tangent at full sprint, essentially pissing off everyone in his wake. Blair not wanting to jeopardize the relationship with the US took off after him…. .

Now I can’t blame Blair for his choice. A close partnership with the world’s most powerful nation is never really a bad idea and in the end when America (hopefully) gets a sensible president, he is counting on them to remember that Britain had their back when the going got tuff.
A huge sacrifice to make.
He essentially shot himself in the foot politically to remain in the good graces of Britain’s most powerfully ally.
Now it may sound away to many ppl but the repercussions of this most likely will spell good Britain and its citizens for some time to come. Added to that, you can bet that if Britain finds itself against the wall, they expect America to come running.

All in all I will say Blair was as good a leader as Clinton, But had to make some tuff unpopular decisions and tried to stay on the fence which is never easy, I don’t think he did it very well, others may differ, but his relationship with the rest of Europe or the rest of the world for that matter (not including Muslims of course) is not too badly damaged and its Relationship with the US is intact.

Mission accomplished?

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