Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hmmm. The art of apologizing.
We all have a need some point our lives to apologize, lets face we aren’t that perfect. Of late however I find apologizing is hard, not because I feel I am right or anything like that. Rather its because I am tired.

I don’t think I apologize more often than anyone else but I find that saying words don’t mean much, even coming out of my own mouth. In my mind my actions should show my apology more so than my words…

However being that I interact with humans I realize that the words carry some symbolism to them and so I say them… I must admit to myself that they mean something when people say it to me.
I guess the primary means of expressing emotion between humans is the use of words. As such, remorse and the associated feelings are typically expressed through this medium.

This leaves a peculiar problem for me… I really am tired of saying sorry, it is really hard for me to express how hollow it sounds to myself. Don’t get me wrong I am sorry… well usually, if I think I am in the wrong…. and I do… ahh… usually… intend to do better.

I guess this is another rule/guideline that governs human interaction that one should adhere to…boy we humans are something else.

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Bashmentbasses said...

If the body language and the subsequent avoidance of the offensive behaviour isn't there then you stop being believable. Not even crocodile tears can save you if you don't look sorry.