Thursday, April 06, 2006

The South American Revolution (part 1)


Who is this guy? Hero, Visionary, Delusional, Idealist or Realist. There are many words to describe this man, and I have yet to pass my verdict on him. His radical belief in turning back to the path of ‘Socialism’ has many in the international community very antsy.
Fortunately for him Venezuela has oil, and as a result they cannot be treated lightly. As a result I do believe the US will eventually take steps to remove him from power.

Now, those of you who have been listening to me ramble of late would have heard me mention from time to time that I am becoming, or rather, I have become very disenfranchised with the Capitalistic system.
Watching Hugo Chavez at work I feel like we are back in the days of the Feudal system where the proletariat were beginning to rebel against the poor distribution of wealth between themselves and the bourgeoisie. I have to admit, capitalism is much better than Feudalism as it allows for some upward mobility. The truth is, however, this is extremely limited, and it does not change that fact that the distribution of wealth is as skewed as ever.
Now we’re having obscenely rich and poor, only difference there is a larger collection of people who fit in the Middle group.

We are fast approaching a time where there will be a shift in ‘Social Systems’ and whether or not Mr. Chavez is going to lead the charge is yet to be seen. In fact whether or not ‘Socialism’ or even if the dreaded “Communism” will be the path to take is still to be decided. The sad part is, this ‘revolution’ may die quite quickly. Even though throughout South America the Proletariat are making their voices heard via democratic means. As the President Of Bolivia pointed out, the real power and money still lies with the Wealthy, Governments can’t do it alone. All have to work together and it is clear that that will be unlikely.


D said...

Ive been thinking for a while now that Capitalism might not be the best thing for Jamaica right now, that Communism might be better. I really do think poverty is the biggest problem this country has, I think the poverty leads to all the other problems we have.

Anonymous said...

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