Thursday, April 27, 2006


I figure My follow IT professionals out there will understand why I need to do this.
This is a list of all the development teams who have produced Programs that have driven me to the point of wanting to kill them.

1. Microsoft Development Team for All Microsoft Products
2. Oracle DBMS for forgetting the concept of programs being User friendly
3. Dameware Developers for a constantly kicking me off ppls computers in the middle of critical operations.

This currently Is my top three at the moment
The teams on the list may be shifted depending on my mood on any given day. I must note that Microsoft holds a permanent seat on the top of this list however, As my co-worker puts it, they force us into a love hate relationship.Even though they provide the most user friendly products on the market, THEY NEVER WORK consistently.

In any case, till the next update this has been the first Installment of the DEVELOPER HIT LIST, shutdown commencing.