Friday, February 24, 2006

Insert Expletive here part 3

Ok Guys I am typing this one very slowly, because I am really upset. Please for those of you have not seen it go and watch 9/11 and then ask yourself why you think bush wants to hand over US ports to the UAE.

Believe me I am struggling no to through a fit like I did the Last Time But this man proves more and more that his primary concern is his own pocket, Believe me, I have far more respect for Richard Nixon than I do for Bush, because where as Bush is doing all this RUBBISH!!!!!!!! For personal gain, Nixon actually thought he knew what was best for America.

Guys I put it to you that bush is the greatest Terrorist/Capitalist (I cant tell the difference any more) the United States has ever seen.

Really You are at WAR with many Muslim fanatics from the Middle east and u are going to HAND OVER CONTROL of your ports to a country from the same area that has people, who are agree with Ji-Had, to say the least.

COME ONNNN!!!! At what Point do you stop to think that You cant go lining your pockets with the blood money of you own people you SWORE to protect. ITS BAD ENOUGH U ARE KILLING AND TORTURING just about everybody else, and when your allies tell you are wrong you change the name of you FRIES!!!!!


Honestly ppl he has got to go. Ask yourself this? Was stopping gay marriage worth it :S
Personally I don’t think so.


reluctant intellectual said...

Hmmm...there must be something we can charge Bush with under the Patriot Act over this.

Nevertheless, to play devil's advocate for a moment, one could interpret this action positively. Perhaps this decision is based on a realisation that we can't assume that all muslims are terrorists, or even that all Arabs are muslims.

But then again, that doesn't seem like a line of reasoning Bush would follow.

Anonymous said...

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