Wednesday, February 22, 2006


In the United Kingdom there is a major issue about a law to restrict the pass time of Fox hunting. Now it appears lobbyist on both sides of this issue are very powerful and as such the Gov’t passed a token law that was rather ambiguous.
In spite of this, many of the ppl who support this ‘sport’ have let it be known that they will ignore the law. Not only that, but they apparently have made some arrangement with some law enforcers in some areas for them to look the other way.

Now this raises the Question, what is the point of a govt setting a law the population does no agree with and is not likely to follow.

My understand of the main purpose of laws in any civilized society to facilitate the co-existence of the individuals who are members of said society. You may even go as far as to say that the laws also help to make the society function as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. Having said this, I do believe that laws must be set based on the consensus of the population. In other words, laws are simply Rules that a society has developed to govern itself that have been institutionalized.

Having said this I find that the Fox hunting issue in England Highlights the fact that laws are pointless if they cant be enforced. But closer to home, the recent set of laws concerning gay rights raise a very interesting issue. I must say that I do not know what the law /says clearly. However, I do know it does give gays some basic Human Rights.
Most importantly I suspect the law would no longer make Buggery illegal, now if a consensus was done, I suspect an overwhelming majority would be against it, yet the Govt sees it fit to ignore this fact.

This raises the Question, should a govt be allowed to impose a law on its ppl that they don’t agree with. We have put them in power to represent us, does that not make it mandatory for them to set laws that the Population agrees with.
(please note this is in looking at the bigger picture and not necessarily just the issues of Homosexual Rights)

I am aware of the fact that the Population might not want that which is best for the country, but at the same time, these are just human beings like us we are investing a considerable amount of Power in, there must be a better way, shouldn’t there be?


B said...

The problem with that approach is that you may find the opinions of the majority infringing severely upon the rights of the minority, in such a way as to make their (the minority) lives difficult or even dangerous.

Think of groups such as blacks, or women that have found themselves in these situations in times gone by. Even after laws were passed they still had to struggle to gain recognition of their basic rights in the eyes of society.

bassChocolate said...

Can you imagine what our air would smell like if weed were legalized???

The Seeker said...

I do see the benifit of this but we are sessentially telling a group of about 100 guys to tell us what is best for us the other 3 million. They wont allways get it righht, I am sure. They are, after all, Human beings.

Mummy Mel` said...

The law would really only affect praticing homosexuals, hetero sexual rights have not been impeded in ANY way shape or form. Thus your first point is actually the oppposite, with 3 million people telling the 100 what they should do.
The persons who appear to have the biggest complaint are the Christian groups, who really broght the matter to public light with their outcry.I notice they aren't pushing for a legal decision to curb adultery or even fornication, which is ultimately what a homosexual act would be since gays so far can't get married here.
Ipso facto their actions are suspect and not as God-fearing as they make it out to be.

Anonymous said...

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