Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Naïve Am I?

In a discussion I was having with a friend of mine recently, it was let slip that she thought I was ‘Naive’. Of course being blessed with Testosterone, I thought I new the ‘game of life’ well enough to survive out there. She went on to say that I was easy to manipulate.

Now of course this severely threatened me ego, so I went around asking a few other of my female friends if they too thought I was Naïve. Needless to say the answers I got were not reassuring, those who didnt look away and refused to answer (I am assuming the didn’t want to damage my ego any further) tried to pretty it up by calling it something else.

Boy what a wake up call. Of course for a few days after I was worried about this; am I really that naïve? I know that looking at myself a couple years ago now, I would call myself naïve, and sheltered, not by my parents, but rather sheltered by life.

I have basically have been living a charmed life, nothing exceptionally great, but at the end of the day I have to be happy, its hard to find things to complain about at times. Even though I may worry a bit, I have a somewhat childish view that things will end up in my favor some way some how, and the great part is it usually does (Thank you Lord :D) But I digress…..

Now a days I really thought I was no longer clueless, that I was getting the hang of this hole life thing, but apparently, I have been fooling myself.
Having thought long and hard about this, however, I have come to realization that it doesn’t matter, the whole point of life is that you learn as you go, along, I figure my track record shows that I am definitely improving, maybe not at a pace that I should, but at least there is progress.

I have also learned there is also a value to being clueless, its highly underrated.

In any case, I realize this is just one of those pins to keep me in check.


Bashmentbasses said...

"What you don't know can't hurt you!"

I've herd and seen that in action. I've strived to know as much as possible in my life and failed miserably. It often took away from many experiences; tarnishing the novelty of it and reducing my gratefulness. It often led to taking ppl for granted.

If life allowed 'do-overs' I'd still want to know everything, but I'd pacemyself and enjoy the ride even more.

B said...

There is no deadline or set schedule for self-improvement, so long as you are improving. :-) Just keep living and learning and enjoy the ride as BB said.

bassChocolate said...

"Even though I may worry a bit, I have a somewhat childish view that things will end up in my favor some way some how, and the great part is it usually does..."

If that makes you naive (and it probably does), rest assured that you have company in me, because I'm very much like that again. I am however noticing the gradual phasing out of that part of my life, as things become more difficult, and not so 'in my favour' all the time.

Truth be told, the way I see life is like this- live it at your speed, enjoy it at your speed, and die while in the process of going at your speed. If that will make you a little naive, so be it.

D said...

I can relate. Only difference is I know im naive, and will probably stay that way. And yeah you right, there is a value to be clueless. It has a limit though.

I guess the ideal is what youve spoken on on many occasions: "balance"

Mummy Mel` said...

I don't think you're naive. Could be that I don't know you as well as some people. Maybe I'm naive too. I try to take people at face value, and then balance it out within the context of their actions. Sometimes they fall out of kilter but not completely out of expected reactions given my knowledge of their background.

curious to know wther you were truly unaware of the reality or you were taking people on trust. Naivety to me is deliberately ignoring the possibility of an unpleasant situation.

david said...

nothing wrong wit bieng naive every now and then

Anonymous said...

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