Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2 Current affairs issues

British Spy Found

When I first heard the newscast I was wondering why the newscasters were more surprised that there was a spy rather than he was caught on video. I actually began to question the avg IQ of a reporter and felt sorry for the ppl watching the news who (because they live in a cave and were raised by wolves) thought that spying does not happen between countries, especially if they are allies.
Having said that, I find Russia's Move interesting. It is amazing how powerful today’s media is. Can you imagine, back I the days of the cold war, I would expect if a spy was found he would be tortured to death for information, Or thats what Hollywood would have me think. I either case, back then you never heard too many cases of spies being found and even then it was always hush. Nowadays it seems you can inflict more political damage to a country by turning them over to there own media than get information out of the spy.

Nuclear Panic

Now I am not in league with Iran. But who gave the world superpowers the right to determine who is allowed to have Nuclear weapons and who isn’t. Who are they to determine which country is ‘stable’ enough to have such great responsibility? In a sense If I were an Iranian I would P*ssed . I mean just because of the ‘possibility’ of creating Nuclear weapons, you are preventing from finding means to deal with My countries Energy crisis in a sustainable manner. What? Iranians are all terrorists and should not be allowed a basic utility such as Electricity because of what they might do with the power source. That’s Hogwash, the is clearly a case of superpowers being a bulling another nation. You wonder where Anti Western Sentiments run so high in the Middle east. We let or fear and paranoia dictate or actions, leading us to oppress these ppl, the sad part is this only fuels the very same Ideals that makes us fear them, It’s a never ending cycle.

Personally where as I am opposed to the reactions of the Superpowers, I am fearful. I am sure, however, there must be a middle ground. It almost seems as if the Western powers that be would have them rely completely on oil which is purported to run out in the next 50 to 100 years


bassChocolate said...

I'm with you on the nuclear panic part. The last time I checked, the world didn't have a president.

Stunner said...

Just the typical big, bad, bully attitude these countries (yes I said it US and UK) have.