Monday, December 05, 2005

I Watched Fahrenheit 9/11

After watching this much-hyped documentary I was shocked and horrified that the American Public had re-elected this man after watching it.

I must say the Film has made me somewhat dissatisfied with the capitalist system of rule.
Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING bush did after 9/11 was geared towards putting money in his and his friend’s pockets.

I mean yes we know this, but before, when I said it, there was some doubt. At the time I did not have concrete evidence of this, it was pure, well founded speculation. Now my hopes/delusions have been stripped away.

People, the sad truth is America is run by money. By extension that means people who are stinking filthy rich, like the Saudis, own that country.

In the documentary it was asked if we thought the Daddy bush was more loyal to the US than the Saudis seeing that he is paid 400,000US per year by the Govt. as opposed to the 1.8bilUS the Saudis has invested in him and his friends over the past 3 yrs. Hmmmmmm that’s a tuff one.
From day one the bush family has been in bed with the Middle East, using America’s might to help the Oil Rich friends make money. Oh and even cooler is the fact they are major players on the boards of one of the defense contractors that provide weapons for the US military forces. And u wonder why both daddy and Son Wanted wars so badly?

You know why the US Govt. allowed the Bin Laden’s to leave the US right after the attacks; it was because Bush and his cronies new better than to bite the hand that fed them. What’s the worst that could happen? Nixon already proved that once you are head of state, as our dear beloved Prime Minister put it, “The Law is Not a shackle”.


It is frustrating, the world we live in seems designed to screw the masses so the rich can get richer, and we cant do anything about it.

But then looking at the election I begin to see the same trend playing out. Not only do the Rich run America, but they are organized in clans of families. Remember Senator McCain the Intelligent Candidate for the Democratic Party, U know, the guy with a spine. Ever wondered why he lost. At the Time a TV analyst said from early he was gonna drop out soon and he gave the reason; “Kerry has the backing of the Nixons and Clintons”. At the time I was wondering so what, how influential is that, well now you know.

But to be fair to the American people, as SweetSimone pointed out to me, the Elections were decided on the issues of God vs. Gay marriages.
That’s a tuff call, A spineless and fickle leader who wants to support Gay marriages, as opposed to a clear and decisive Retard, with big money connections, who has no problem with spending American lives to earn more money for his own pockets.
Any way I have to run. There is more I wanted to say but time is against me. To be continued at a later date.


bassChocolate said...

SweetSimone's right. Voters did not bear these things in mind when they voted. They wanted a President who doesn't support gays. Who cares what he does after that?

david said...

yeah, after watching that documentary, i coundlt understand who would vote for him again. so i feel sorry those who did. however, Kerry didnt look like he was much better.