Friday, December 09, 2005


I have been blessed in my life to have as some of my closest friends some very independent and freethinking women. They have looked at society and have challenged many things we, or more specifically, myself as a male, take for granted.

Often times in discussions I have things are raised that I was not aware were even issues.
In such cases I find myself defending the status Quo, feebly I must add, and after a time I realize that they have a very valid point.
What this has taught me more than anything is that perspective is extremely significant. What you might take for granted or not even consider, is, to someone else something of great concern.

Take for example the Question of when a woman gets married. From that point on, the unit that she has joined will forever be identified by the man’s name.
Now Society has accepted this, and I think most women don’t consider this. I must admit I never gave it a second thought until the other day, when Elva spoke about it on Fame.
Why should she not be recognized as a part of the unit in the name? Why is it, who she is should cease to exist? Why is it that in marriage she is the one that has to go change her name, yet the man gets to sit pretty?
All interesting Q’s that most dismiss, but valid enough to make us think about how matriarchal our society is.

Mind you that is just one example, and not every woman will have that as their pet peeve, you have many other issues that have been raised.

At times like those, I often joke and say, “Not my problem, I’m male”. And that’s simply because what else can one do than acknowledge that these issues exist. Often times I think I am liberal and open minded and that I am a strong supporter of women’s rights and freedoms, but every once in a while One of my female friends sit me down school me to another set of issues that I am totally oblivious to. All I can do is to show respect where it is due.

In any case I must say hats off to these ladies who challenge what society forces on them constantly. More power to you, and I mean it. I also thank you for opening my eyes to how you see the world.

Any way times almost up have to run. Will elaborate on some of these Issues later.

BTW nuff respect to 2 major contributors to this particular blog.
SM and MW
Others I have big up as well but these 2 individuals have been most radical in their views and have challenged me to change my thinking significantly.


bassChocolate said...

I have respect for women who are appreciative of our ignorance and prepared to show us their side of things, rather than the women who like to jump down our throats for the way we are. It's natural that we're gonna not understand their reality sometimes because we don't live it. When everybody can appreciate that fact up front it will be easier to move forward.

laroper18 said...

Good for you :)

PS: I noticed something unusual- not many spelling errors! Good going :)

Jim Screechy said...

I believe women should still keep their maiden names or have it hyphenated. We're in 2006 now yo, we need to be attentive to the fact that chicks are getting along with independent life and away with our jobs.