Monday, October 03, 2005

Panoridim on love and Marraige

The views expressed are just quotes taken from a very small set of people from the band and does not necessarily reflect the views of the majority.

oh and ignore the spellin :P

Qoute 1: "My Marital Status is Monk"
Qoute 2: "Singl 4 life, and Lovin it"
Qoute 3: "Love is the Death of 2 single people"
Qoute 4: "Marraige is the triumph of Imagination over Intelligence"
Qoute 5: "Love is a nuerochemical con-Job"

Please feel free to add your fav. quote to the list :D


bassChocolate said...

You obviously didn't talk to me in this survey.

The Seeker said...

this wasnt really a survey, just decided to to put up some of the statements I have heard that I found very intresting.

bassChocolate said...

It just so happens that all the statements speak of love like it's a disease.

Love is... everything good.

The Seeker said...

hmmmm, Yep you're definately whipped :D
I'm happy for you man (Y)

bassChocolate said...

LOL! Whipped as I may be, how can love, true love, be a bad thing? And how can a marriage based on true love be considered a bad thing?

You know when love sucks? When you don't have someone to love? But it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with love, just something wrong with you :P

Sweet Simone said...

I, for one, have nothing against love, just accepting the fact that this "true love" is not found by everyone. So why not enjoy the single life while being stuck in it, instead of wishing for this utopian lifestyle?

Trying To Focus said...

This is a quote from somewhere...
"Love is an irrational spasm of emotion"

Indeed it is, for logic chips in, and reality becomes more and more clear, all hell breaks loose

Bashmentbasses said...

Bitter ppl! Love is grand even when it hurts. So what if its got chemical properties! So does your 'contentment' in being single. Every emotion is chemical messengers at work. Yet isolated and injected into you they still can't force you to identify it to an object or person. The directional component is still up to you, chemical free.

Bashmentbasses said...

Logic is an artificial ordering system employed by man to stave off the fear that things are actually beyond his comprehension.....Cause that would confirm his insignificance.

I'm still a disciple of it, just recognise its stand-alone deficiency.

Rae said...

I won't get into this debate. I just came to post my favourite one:

'a man isn't complete until he's married; then, he's finished.'

B said...

Despite my traumatic past, I remain a romantic at heart. Some of my favourite quotes on the matter:

"Love is friendship set to music."
"The magic of our first love is our ignorance that it can ever end."
"To be loved is to live forever in someone's heart."

Then there is this one:
"Adultery is the application of democracy to love."