Friday, October 21, 2005

Dance, Fete, Soca

I remember when I first came to UWI, and went to my first session. When I saw the people ‘dancing’ I was shocked and somewhat dismayed, this was not the kind of behavior I expected at a university. I remember remarking frequently that part my reason for not dancing with anyone was that I don’t believe in ‘Dry Humping’.

It amazed me that women would allow guys to be virtually grope them and, participate in this ‘virtual sex’ in public. Another problem I had with it was that I could not for the life of me get the idea in my head that what they did was just dancing, and that after the dance was done, it was over.

It is amazing how far I have come. I am very different from that decent, quiet (very quiet) fellow that walked down the Taylor Hall corridor in his Sunday best approx 6 years ago. And you know the most amazing part about it, Most of these changes have happened since I have moved back to Kingston to live.

It is an amazing sense of freedom that I don’t plan on giving up.

I remember that in 3rd year UWI, I would go to sessions, especially soca fetes, and would deliberately not dance with any one. Those days are done mind you, but I can say what has not changed is my pure love for soca.

There is a song that says “it is not me, blame it on the music”. Believe that song truly describes me, there is something about the energy and vibe that comes from Soca and Calypso, that has the ability to make everything all right. You just have to move. In fact until recently I use to hate dancing Soca with anyone cause It restricted me, (I’m past that now). My favorite memory of dancing to soca was at a fete where they were playing and extended Soca segment. Can I tell you, every bone in my body ached; I did buss a hundred times over, but could I stop dancing?… It’s hard to describe, U feel the pain, but you feeling no pain.

In any case, I have come to realize that My love for Soca and Calypso Does not extend to all that is associated with it. What a lot of people assume is that those who love Soca Just love to wine. And I keep telling these people its not about the wining, its about the music. In my case I am a Jump and wave guy. Even now, I may dance once in a while when I go to a soca fete, but 9 times out of ten you gonna see me with my rag in the air.

I have always wanted to participate inn Trinidad’s Juvert. However after watching Hype TV’s coverage and going back over some of the customs Surrounding Juvert I realize that my enthusiasm is not that great any more. I really want to do it,
An all night into morning soca fete sounds like the ultimate trip, but there are too many things that make me uncomfortable, most significantly is the link between that night of festivities and ‘Satan’/’the Devil’. The details of which I have not looked into too much, but despite my love for this music, I am still a Christian (maybe a bit too liberal), and there are some things I cannot ignore.

Of course I cannot mention Trini carnival not mention panorama. If I only get to go to Trinidad once in my life, I want to go to panorama, Trust me, Pan Is Pan Is Pan Nuff said.

Ok its getting late and I have to leave, This blog will have to be continued at a later date, so till next time, See ya :D


Anonymous said...
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Rae said...

"Of course I cannot mention Trini carnival (and) not mention panorama. ...Trust me, Pan Is Pan Is Pan Nuff said."

dam straight!

I haffi buss my soca too. I think it makes me feel closer to home, more so than dancehall. I love my music, and ur so right, it IS about the music and less about the dancing for me as well.

Bashmentbasses said...

I want to go to Trini carnival for the pan and all the pan. I don't need anything else but to see those pans emiting such melodious music. The sticks flying and the ppl behind them having the time of their lives. Lost in their music and just becoming an extension of the pans. Or is it the other way around?

That's all I want!!!

bassChocolate said...

I have to get to Panorama b4 I die... and more than once too.

To be honest, for me the jury is still out on the wining thing. It does seem very monotonous, 'dry humping' as u call it. So it begs the question, is it dancing, or is it satisfying some sensation? But til the verdict, hump away!

Jim Screechy said...

I must write an article about dry humping..thanks!:-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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