Monday, November 03, 2003

Two TV Shows

It has indeed been some time since last I posted, and much has happened in the world since (My spelling remains the same though, and no I don't have enough time use the spell check) (ok ok maybe laziness has something to do with it, so? :P).

First of, I was speaking to my girlfreind the other day about two shows that are dear to my heart, and I then felt the urge to share them with you.

"STAR TREK" and "TWILIGHT ZONE" (black and white edition), are two shows I believe transcended your every day Television show geared towards creating mindless drones.
They made us analyze and question certain aspects of human nature.

Most intriguing of the two, I think, is star trek, which tried to show us how "utopia" could be achieved within human society. What makes them special, is that it was realistic. We did not achieve it on our own, and we were forced to see ourselves, as, not the center of the universe, but rather a rather small part in the grand scheme of things (i.e. Humility).
What I love most however, was that this "perfect" world was not perfect. Humans are humans, and we will always be that way, and as such conflict still was ever present, what made this society work however, was the way in which it was dealt with. Violence was strictly a last resort . It also helped that there was always a unifying threat, from the Klingons to Romulans, to (I smile here) the Borg. (The symbolism here is overwhelming but hat is for another blog.)
The fact that there was no "poverty", and very little sickness, helped a great deal, but like I said, we had help.
On top of this, this..... way of thinking......way of life was/is taught to all children as soon as possible.Paraphrasing from the bible, "raise up a child in the way they should grow, and he/she shall not depart from it". The result, a society with almost everyone having the similar fundamental Ideals.
This imperfect Perfection, makes a very interesting backdrop for the issues dealt with in every episode, more and more we see the world as not black and white, but shades of grey, and it makes this, our world look even more chaotic.
We see the captain and his crew make decisions every episode that are not "clear cut", thus leaving one to ask; "WHAT WOULD I DO?". It is this, I believe that helps us to begin "with the man in the mirror". Where we see in a perfect world the consequences of each of each choice made, much less in our world.
In the end what, I hope is achieved is that every man/Woman sees, or tries to see the consequences of his actions, and expand his/her awareness beyond him/herself and family.

It is this noble endeavor that has endeared STAR TREK to me. A friend once said to me that "Star Trek is an Ethical Soap-opera", could be, but it is one that makes us think of what could be.

This show is somewhat different from Star Trek, in that, while both cause us to look at human nature, Twilight Zone causes us (we hope) to take a look at the flaws in our own character. In the episodes the "zone" highlights deficiencies and strengths in the characters portrayed. Causing people to look at themselves in a new light, usualy the glare of the truth, in a place where nothing is as it seems. Ironic isn't it. I must also commend the show for the excellence of there characters, who, in each episode, use their flawless talent, to bring us the lesson of the day.

oops look at the time, I have to get back to work. I will continue with Twilight Zone on another blog.
But for now lets us leave it as is.

Quote of the Day:
"No army has ever marched into battle thinking that the Creator had sided with their enemy." by Zedd

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