Monday, October 06, 2003


I was just reading a commentary from Ann Coulter and (if i hadn't known before) I would have guessed she was republican, the kind that do not have the word "Bi Partisan" (never mind the spelling) in her vocab. But never mind that..
Although I agree whole hartedly with her veiws in the article


, where she notes Americas concern about the "evil" doctins of the the good book and how they warp childrens mind. (u know, the stuff about loving your neigbour and all that).

Her attack on the Times editor in "HERE'S A TRAITOR!" i thought were a bit low........,
ok ok, i'll tell the truth, I thought it was CRAS, ignant and petty,
I mean, who cares if he got low SAT scores, the fact is the man still made it to be the editor of on one of the most succesfull news mags today.

But enough on that the links for here article can be found below:

Articles found here

On to other matters. What do u think about the UN not willing to support the US in Iraq. Personally I think it is interesting. The fact is america made the UN look stupid when it first went of and started this war without there approval and now that the have the pandoras box open, they want help to close it. HA!!!! I should be the one runniing the UN.
I wonder, however how far ahead did the bush administration look, they must have planned for all that is happening (at least I hope). Come on, if you isolate your allies and carry out a hostile take over of a country, then clearly there must be consiquences (IGNORE THE SPELLING!!!!!). Does Bush plan on being re-elected, honestly, I get the impression that the American public is kind of tiered of th Iraq thing, and they want their troops home, never mind the oil, there comes a point when the price is too high. (I hope Bush knows this).
Any way it is my lunch time and I'me hungry. Till next time.

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