Thursday, March 11, 2004


Greetings. I know its beeeeen a while now, but as you all can guess by now, it just the way things are. (And yes my spelin is the same :P)

A friend of mine had asked me one day about my MSN name "The Seeker", she asked me what i was seeking. Normally i would answer that i took it from a book "Sword Of Truth", but for some odd reason I answered Balance.

At that point I realized my phylosofy in life, odd huh, I think so too. But the important part is I believe life is about achieving balance. No i'm not from asia, and i am a Christian.

The first question to ask is what is balance?
That i'm afraid i cannot answer. Balance is different from person to person. what might achieve balance in one person may not in another.

Then, you may ask, how do you know you have achieved balance?
That, I suspect, comes from gut feeling.

Have i acheived balance? Not yet.

Is it possible to achieve? I don't know, probebly not.

Then why try?
Because it is somthing to aspire to. I believe, at least for me, it will mean I have peace, direction, joy, and contentment
For others I don't know.

I dont believe that Balance means that you must have some negativity in your life, inb fact i believe it can be achieved without it. The problem is, as a human being living around humans, negativity is hard to, if not impossible to escape.
Yet we are not inherantly negative.

(NB these views are a reflection of my observation of other couples)

One of the greatest wonders in the world are Relationships. I have come to realize that the male and female psychi is so different that the mere fact that we are able to understand each other when we speak seems miraculous.
A relationship is and undertaking/adventure that will test both parties level of tolarance and ability to interprit, but if right, will take them to hights unrivalled.

To Bee Cointinued ...............................

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