Friday, August 29, 2003

The Mind Speaks

Idle Yout Speeks his/her(someone's) Mind.
Please note: The views expressed may or may not not be those of the one expressing them. :)

Where to begin?
At the...... ahhh, your guess is as good as mine, but a beginning there must be, and a beginning we shall have.

In my time here one earth I have had revelations as to my impression/awareness of certain truths.
One of these is as follows:


Now before you jump on your high horse think about it. Everything you and everyone else around you does is based the perception of truth as you see it, as a result, as long as you trust your own perception, which you must at some level, then the possibility that your view/awareness of things and events around you could be wrong or slightly scewed, throws the actual truth into irrelivance.

In other words, to get anyone to accept/see the truth (or a lie for that matter) what one must concern him or herself about is not the "facts" (as they wont speak for themselves), but rather peoples perception.

(I'll let that sink in)

The first time i saw this view point was in a novel, WIZARDS FIRST RULE by Terry Goodkind (GREAT BOOK), the book stated that the first rule of wizards is:

People are stupid. People believe anything either because they want it to be true or because
they are afraid it is.

Not very flattering. Ironocally it also went on to say that the only defense is to accept that the rule also applys to you. (i.e. you are also stupid).

(An interesting way to start on the path of enlightenment wouldn't you say?)

This never appealed to me until my first year away from home. My observation of how people reacted and behaved showed me gossip often has more power than truth/facts, and even when truth is present the way in which it is delivered is just as (or more) important as what is delivered.
But thats just humble me talking, look for yourself.

The thing is, however, it is really meant for people in (or heading for) positions of "power"/"Influence", where public (or group) opinion/sentiment is important. Yes we can apply it to our lives, but the big users of this are the people we see/hear/read in the media everyday. The kind of people who can "influence the sway of public oppinion".
Yes I have fallen prey to them as well, but then it is hard not to, it is almost impossible to get "uncolored facts" today, at best you can get news from multiple sources so as to sift out a "balanced"/amalgamated opinion for yourself but its not easy, yep we are stuck and i don't se a way out. Do you?

Any way have to run.
"See" you Soon

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