Thursday, April 19, 2012

Soca Season 2012 (a review)


As you all know, I felt that 2010 was the WORST soca season I have ever had to endure. 2011 was already better just because it wasn't 2010, but  it went quite a few steps further with the great help of Machel and Kes.

Then came 2012... :D

The Fetes:

As I had mentioned in a previous blogs I had given up bacchanal Fridays for lent. As a result i have no idea what they were like.For the fetes that i did go to... well... let me first say that Andrew Bellamy has the Soca Midas Touch.. ANY and i mean A-N-Y, Soca event Andrew Bellamy is putting on, I will Be there!... done talk.

Soca Village
I went to 3 soca village parties and ALL of them were a blast. Not the best fetes ever but a good vibe non the less. The first one I went to was by far and away the best one of the 3. Opening night did HAAAAAAAARD!
The worst night  had to be the week of Trini carnival. JPS decided to loose power for almost an hour. this of course was a MASSIVE buzz kill. When power did return the DJ's did a good job of bring the vibe back but the damage was already done.

Beach Jouvert

Sigh... within 10 minutes of walking into the venue I changed my BB status to "I am Home". After having 3 cups of liquor, I realized I needed none. I drank water for the majority of my time there and I cannot tell you if there was a difference. This was technically my second Beach Jouvert but really it was the first that I had been to as a patron (the first time was to play pan).
How can I describe the music, the atmosphere, the vibe, the feeling.... you just cant. At one point during Machel's performance, he sang "Higher than High" and I had to just stop. I truly and deeply love soca music and standing in a crowd watching the greatest soca artist of all time perform one of my favorite songs of all times.... Ya, I love Soca. Tovi (one of my soca junkie friends) came over and hugged me, she understood.. no words needed to be said.

I Love Soca
This, my friends, is THE soca party to go to. I have never been to an I Love Soca event and been disappointed. They are a BLAST and this one was no exception. The pinnacle of this party, however, was the end. The DJ decided to take us waaaay back to the days of Kitchener and Sparrow and the other calypso greats. Sigh.... Again words cannot describe the joy of chippin all over the venue singing songs like Pan In A-minor, Dust, Feeling To Party etc etc...

And so my soca season ended at only 5 parties, but what it lacked in quantity was exceedingly surpassed in quality.

I have to head to class now so this review is to be continued with my thoughts on the Music this Year... till then; ♫when you feel like the soca done, there is more soca to come...♫