Monday, April 02, 2012

Apple Vs Android

From the pic above you can prob guess where my loyalties lie.

My reason for going android can be summed up in one word: Choice.

I know that apple products are excellent, user friendly and probably the second best thing since the invention of the spork. Yet for all their ability to know what i need, want and cant live without, their vision of my perfect life is a cage. Mind you, it is a the most luxurious of cages. It can, and does, cater to your every whim (just ask Siri). But for it to serve you well, one must adhere to apple's vision of how the world should work, and any deviation from this is not supported.

Android on the other hand is everybody's friend . There is an android for every pocket and lifestyle. I define how my smart phone will control my life. I decide the demensions and makeup of the cage that i will inhabit. It is I who will choose and not Steve Jobs.

And so i say, VIVA LA ANDROID!


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