Thursday, June 09, 2011

ADVANTAGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its that time again… high pressure at work and at pan has me feeling rather overwhelmed at times. Can i tell you though, Machel’s road march song this year has lifted my spirits so many times… sigh.

Let me give you the break down:

♫ The Stage is in front of us, time to get advantageous!♫

This is a call to arms. To face the up coming panfest season, and new application projects with joy and anticipation. It is a reminder that I am once again being called to do what i was born to do, what i love to do. Don’t let the obstacles fool you, they are but props on the stage we were meant to take advantage of.

♫Stamp On it! Stamp On it! Stamp On it! Stamp On it!
Trample it! Trample it! Trample it! Trample it!♫

This is almost self explanatory. It is a clear and unequivocal instruction to mercilessly and ruthlessly annihilate all obstacles. It is a battle cry, a war chant. It is a rhythm, a beat, that all that stand in your way will fall to.

♫Stamp On it! Jump On it! Wave On it!
Wine it! trample on it! Run on it! ♫

This is the most important reminder… why this song will forever live in my heart.

This my, friends is the reminder to have fun, to enjoy yourself, to not be inhibited, to let loose and live!.

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