Thursday, March 09, 2006


Ok Against My better judgment I have started to go the Socacize event at mass camp.
Needless to say night after night I am reminded that I am Seriously out of shape, with no sign of improvement.

In any case this blog is not about the 4 Sadist ladies (lead By Peppa) that run us poor innocent civilians into the ground twice a week, No this blog is about yesterdays session.

I must begin by saying that Oscar B is a seemingly innocent fun loving man, He has a beer belly and is not very young, one would assume that he was just at mass camp for fun of it, So when the she-devi.... err I mean our wonderful instructor Peppa called oscar B to stage, I thought; this will be quick.
I perked myself up and began to follow his instructions. Immediately I realized he had upped the tempo Considerabley and I was panting heaving after a few Seconds, But, I thought to myself; He’s a fat old man there is NOOOO way he could keep this up.

It Didn’t take too long for me to realize this man was more than meets the eye, I was drenched when he was still just warming up. The it dawned on me.
People it is my sad duty for me to tell you Oscar B is a terrorist. The Man Is a sadistic and ruthless Dictator who works for the Taliban, I am convinced He is Asama's Right hand man.
There is NOOOOOO Other explanation for the shear cruelty and brutality of the pain he inflicted on the innocent unsuspecting victims (myself included) @ mass camp. A mass Murder took place last night, I barely survived, as it is, feeling is only just returning to my limbs. This man Must be stopped, before he strikes again.

By the way: One of these day I am, going to blog about Peppa, but I am certain that every man that sees her sees a woman who could crush him easily between her br... errr I mean Biceps easily.


Mummy Mel` said...

LOL, fun and games ,right Seeker?

bassChocolate said...

You're just jealous... get over yourself!