Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kingston Trip

I did My first Solo Trip To Kingston, I will tell you this If you really want to let your car go, Sunday is the best day to travel, not that I was speeding or anything...... I was just saying that IF u wanted to.... Because I i don’t REALLY want to..... So I wouldn’t REALLY know........cause I’m just speaking Hypothetically

There was much more to speak about the trip but, I've forgotten most of it. I have learned that Redbull is the best driving partner I ever had.......... Not that I was really tired at any point in the journey........... because I was fine....... really..... But hypothetically speaking if you did get tired, Red Bull works (y)....... well for me at least...... errrr. Hypothetically speaking

Taxi drivers are the same no matter where in Jamaica you go, Nuff said........ Woooooooosssssaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

OH Rasta! almost forgot
a most intresting incident.......
Picture this: U are at an atm in a Super market in Mobay and a police car pulls up just out of site of the entrance (however because of your angle you see exactly what’s happening while most ppl inside don’t) three plain closed police men jump out of the car with guns drawn and run up to the side of the super market, It looks like its strait out of a movie, the one peeking around the corner to see inside is asked by his partner 'yu si im?'.

Now Your Options are:

1. Wait and see what happens
2. Freeze
3. Calmly Cancel all transactions and leave

All I'll say is I bought my phone card and redbull in Ochi.


Mummy Mel` said...

Plain closed? Is that a euphamism for something? :P

bassChocolate said...

It's funny how hypothetical your story telling is. It's like somebody is monitoring your daily activities... hpothetically speaking.

AnX said...

well it could be worse ... the police could have thought you were 'im!

FYI hypothetically speaking ... Red Bull & Vodka is equivalent to Excedrin & Pepsi ... not like I've tried the 2 to stay awake, I just heard it works - ahm .... make sure you don't have any type of heart problem or nerve problems.

... but again ... ahm this is what I heard.

david said...

Does this mean he has a car now? i cant see. u ppl need to start spelling somethings out for the overseas bunch.

The Seeker said...

Oh ya, I bought a 96 Nissan Bluebird.

The Seeker said...

thanks for the Hypothetical Info that I am never gonna use, But if ever the 'hypothetical' need arises I shall bear this in mind hypothetically.

Anonymous said...

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