Friday, August 17, 2012

Leadership: The Team

When put in a position of leadership I find I normally divide the team I have to work with into categories of weapons systems.
There are 5 categories of Team members one can have, these are:

The Dud

This type of team member, as the name suggests, serves no purpose other than to make up numbers. The can't reach a target without guidance and when the get there they will fail to accomplish their mission. Fortunately for me I have never had to work with any :D

The Gravity Bomb

This team member can get the Job done but needs to be micro managed. They are incapable of completing  the mission without you holding their hand. As bad as that is, they are still WAAAAAAAY better than a dud.

Lazer Guided Missile

This team member can accomplish the task at hand but you need to ensure that the instructions given are clear and understood. You may also have to periodically check on this individual to ensure they are on track. They are much easier to work with than the Dud or the Gravity bomb, but you still need to take time to explain and periodically supervise.

GPS Guided Missile

This is the best kind of teammate to have. All you have to do is tell them what you need done and they do it. No hand holding, no supervision, just results.

The Weapon System

This is the ultimate team member. This individual needs no instructions or supervision. They are capable of accomplishing most, if not all, of the needed tasks (including yours) and are willing to work in whatever capacity you need.

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