Friday, December 16, 2011

To vote or note to vote?

Of course not!

I blame my reluctance to vote on a deep rooted fear that stemmed from the more violent days of Jamaica's more violent election campaigns. Some things you never forget or live down, added to that i have no real incentive to get over myself. I see some subtle differences in the parties but ultimately they are (in my eyes) all the same.
Inspite of this i asked myself if i were to vote who would i vote for, and to be honest i dont have a clue. I have always believed that the prime minister should be elected seperate and apart from my representative. I should be able to choose the person who is best for my constituency and the person best for my country without worrying about a conflict in interest. sigh... but who am i to say anything? I have no intention of ever voting.

On top this, i realize i do not know enough. Truth is,  if I were to vote, it would be on a vibe/feeling. I realize i really know nothing about these individuals their beliefs, history or plans. I have never even glanced on either party's manifesto much less. How can I in good conscience vote when i know not for which i vote?

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