Thursday, September 02, 2010


This post is being written because i have not posted here in too long:-

  • Individuality is both our greatest strength and weakness as a species. As a result it may lead to our demise. I do believe however, that utopia can only be achieved through the demolishing or altering (drastically) of this concept.
  • Who is God? Is the religion you find yourself and accident (or divine plan) of birth?
  • Bruce Bruce Bruce... not in my cabinet... yet I want to believe in his sincerity sooo much. I must admit in spite of all that has happened, I still want to believe he wants what's best for Jamaica..... In fact, let me not lie. I still believe he does, I am just no longer certain he is the man for the Job... it pains me to admit that.
  • I find Jamaica is RIPE for another party, a new leader... a new brand of ultimately corrupt politics, but there is no one to answer the call.
  • The war(s) between the east and the west is ultimately a religious war. The problem is religion is the breeding ground for intransigent mind sets, and as such our future looks bleak.
  • What is it about ideologies that leave no room for opposition?

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