Friday, November 10, 2006

To Be Or Not To Be...

And so it came to pass that locks were placed on the doors to our beloved lovebird because the caretakers, being a bit strapped for cash, had not paid the bills.
In the face of such Heart rending news the leader of our opposition came out with a statement that shook me to my core;

“For God’s sake let the airline die!”

I was hurt, simply because It is a symbol of national Pride, more importantly my national pride.

The more Apathetic ones amongst us see this as no reason to flog what they consider to be a dead horse.
In my view Drastic changes will be needed to keep the airline afloat, Indeed the staff off Air J as well as we tax payers may need to, as or “Esteemed” former prime minister once said,

“Suck salt through wooden spoon”.

The importance of having a sense of national pride in the citizens of a country is Striking, But then that’s what you get when Economist Run the world (sorry SM).

Look, there is more to Governance than balancing the budget. The leadership of a country is there to keep the country moving forward and prosperous. Now what we often forget is that Prosperity does not only mean financial wellness in fact the exact Definition is; (

a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition

I cannot see how you can say you trying to do this when you are taking away from the people some of the very things that motivate people to move forward.. sigh
To be honest I think you cant put a price tag on national pride, there comes a point where some things are folly, But until EVERY LAST AVENUE has been be explored then, and only then ,would I consider shutting Air Jamaica down.

This is the Seeker and I am JAMAICAN.


Mummy Mel` said...

HMMMMM. Sticky. What about the other intangible things that speak to national pride and are of more immediate concern like decent and affordable health care, secure pensions...?

Rae said...

I'm with you here Seeker. We are one of the very few, if not the only Caribbean country to have our own airline... but the airline situation is just another sign of what exactly is going on in Jamaica.

The way I see it, we are a country that got our independence and then slowly enslaved our people into poverty. National pride will die like the one cent if we continue like this.

lethal87 said...

I agree with you Seeker. I am always soo proud to see the the Lovebird on the runway. Especially when I'm overseas. I just get warm and fuzzy inside. It is very sad to note the deploreable state of finances that our national carrier is in. I hope we as a people along with the Government can find a way to save the National Airline.

bassChocolate said...

How does one feel fuzzy inside. Isn't that something you need to get checked at the hospital?

I'm with you, Seeker. We need to preserve the prominent things which we can be proud of, for as long as it's possible. Our reigning bauxite days are over, tourism is on the verge of change; we need to fight for this airline as long as we can.

lethal87 said...

Whatever BC... I don't need to get anything checked...I'm fine. (Despite popular opinion) NORMAL IS OVERRATED!!!

Mighty Afroditee said...

I have always found that no matter how much Jamaicans cuss and send out a general hue and cry for their homeland, the sense of nationalism will always be there, evidenced through the music and the strong culture. Has been something that I have always envied, though the death of the airline will be a travesty...