Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why I choose BBC

Below are the feeds I get from CNN and BBC.
Now when a International News station cant find anything other than a “Polygamist's car packed with cash, wigs, phones” to report on then...
· Ernesto moves over Florida - 2 hours ago
· Troops charged in Iraqi killing face hearings - 31 minutes ago
· FAA: Kentucky tower staffing violated rules - 4 hours ago
· SUV hits 14 people in 20 minute rampage, 1 dead - 53 minutes ago
· Polygamist's car packed with cash, wigs, phones - 10 hours ago

BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

· Olmert firm on Lebanon blockade - one hour ago
· 'Military' killed Lanka aid staff - one hour ago
· Iraq bomb attacks claim 44 lives - one hour ago
· Many Zimbabweans still homeless - 8 hours ago
· Hackers steal AT&T data - 2 hours ago


D said...

CNN annoys me. Couple months ago a plane 's wheels mustve locked up or something, so the wheel wouldnt spin while the plane was landing. Two hours...TWO HOURS...after the plane lands safely, no one hurt, CNN is STILL talking about it, about the pilot's history and so forth. The damn plane landed safetly, who cares two hours after?

And that whole thing with JonBenet's killer being caught. CNN's exclusive coverage of his journey from capture to US soil, while in transit...."he got up to use the bathroom"...."then he ordered pastry"

Bashmentbasses said...

Had a discussion with some guys on the street. One was adamant that CNN and BBC were fraud stations and that only Canadian news stations was unbiased and carried real stories. I told him that nothing happens in Canada so they happy to report anything other than the growing cracks in their sidewalks. BBC covers more because their ppl more critical of them.

bassChocolate said...

D, Americans are melodramatic. I saw that plane thing. It was on replays all night. I didn't mind because anything involving a plane is intriguing to me. But it was a bit ridiculous.

Bear in mind, however, that CNN has a world channel as well. It's still no BBC, but better than the original CNN.