Monday, September 26, 2005


Finally here is a long over due post.
I have gotten Tiered of writing spelling Disclaimers, yet not tierd enought to use spell check, hush, u'll get over it.

Now that the results are out and the Pan exec has been selected I feel at liberty to blog about my views on leadersip and me.
For quite some time I had decided that I would not run for captaincy of panoridim nor would I look for any extra position here at Work simply because I didnt think I was ready, I felt, and to an extent still do, I did not have the 'vision' a leader is required to have.
This is strange coming from a guy who wants to go into Management, preferabley project management.
In any case I couple weeks ago I had a talk with My father that made me change my approach.
I realized that I have been waiting for all these qualities I think a leader needs to just come to me. I now see, However, that is the wrong approach.
There are those who are born leaders, who inately have all that is required
and then there are those who must aquire what is needed. I am the latter.
What I have been missing however is the fact that allot of what one needs to 'aquire' can only be got through experience.

My time here at JPS has helped me to grow and develope the work ethic I have now.
One of the most important things my fist boss taught me was that people dont care about why not, they care about results. For this lesson I have to also thank DOMS and MSB.
The result of this lesson was that, If you are given a task to do and you dont know where to start, stop wining and find out how to do. (Quote From Sword Of Truth: Think about the solution and not the problem.). And that has basicall the way in which I opperate. What I had missed is that this approach should be applied to other areas of my life.

The funny thing in all this I realize that my father has been telling me this for years, and I never got it until now, all the stories he use to tell me about his work, where he often had resposibilities or got tasks he had no clue about. What Made him the "Go to" man for so many people was that his philosophy was that if he cant do it, get someone who can.

Chip off the Block:
This leads the other part of this blog.

I realize that I am very similar to my father, and I realize that like him, its not the actual Job that I do I love, but the feeling I get from accomplising something, to set out to get something done and seeing it through to completion.
Last week I spoke to him again and he was telling me about a function he went to and there was a problem with the procedings. I listened as he described with relesh how he just went up and Took matters into his own hands and made sure things started moving smoothley again. What was so amaziung about the conv. was that I was Riveted, I was caught myself making Mental Notes of what he did and discarding some of his approaches ands thinking where Mine would have been better. By the Time he hung up
I realized I was not really much Diff from him, I am not as Outspoken (I think) nor do have that "Take Charge Presence" that I he has, but I do enjoy, like he does being apart of something and helping, no matter where from, to get it done.
He is now apart of many Commitees and He does very little preaching, yet he is well know across Montego bay and Trelawny, If there is a function or Event, or evern a major church project (especially if it involves the Youths) My father is usually somehow involved, and if not, was not for a lack of people trying to get him.
Now My Q is how did he juggle having a Family and feed the love for his work, I have to have that talk with him. I still think it was a miracle.


Anonymous said...
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Bashmentbasses said...

You have it in you and I have seen it but like you said you are waiting for something to happen. There is no spoon.

B said...

Echoing that, I can see where the potential exists. As you have now realized the key is to just go ahead and get the experience because you will learn along the way.

bassChocolate said...

Good stuff. I've learned that from my father too, that take-the-bull-by-the-horn approach. Maybe one day I'll live up to that. I know I can be more of a leader byt hat approach. And you're right, so can you.

Earth Child said...

I agree that not all are born with the required leadership qualities and it doesn't mean it can't be successfully developed. If you want to develope these qualities it's up to you to get involved with different activities that will teach you the necessary leadership skills. Don't wait for something to drop in your lap. It is more likely to fall into the laps of those who were born with it.

Anonymous said...

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